Evolution of CRM From Traditional to Digital Form of Media

Evolution is the ultimate truth of this dynamic world either in terms of human knowledge and technology.The evolution in terms of technology has revolutionized the concepts of customer relationship management. From eradicating the geographical boundaries for business to being technology-oriented digital models businesses have evolved at pace.

Customer relationship management has also shifted its focus from its products to customer satisfaction. The company and customer relationships have metamorphosed from “me” and “you” to “us” considering the client as the prime focus of attention for the business.

CRM: what is it?

Customer Relationship Management is the technology that manages business relationships with customers, interactions with customers, and reach over potential customers.

A Customer Relationship Management system helps to manage customer’s data, customer relationships, track sales lead, marketing.

CRM is an accomplished platform that can effectively handle everything required to develop new customer relations, transforming potential customers to long term clients, and retain those customers.In no time you can lose your customer to your competitor if you neglect these specifications of company-customer relationship. With the optimization of operating processes, you may have to bear a huge loss of revenue and miss growth opportunities.

Both small businesses including start-ups to well establish industries requires CRM solutions.

Traditional CRM

Focused on collecting customer’s data and managing it. Deals with the direct advertisement to hike-up the sales. It is a defined direct network where the company directly contacts the customer provides them services or sells them a product, asks for feedback, and works to retain that customer for the long-run.

  • Based on direct advertising.
  • Sales were driven- organizes a campaign to boost customer engagement.
  • Latent response to customers.
  • Promotion usually based on “word of mouth concept”

The Digital Form Of Media/ Social CRM

An integrated version of social media channels and CRM platforms. The idea being increased customer interactions. The customers are free to interact with businesses with other media platforms. Ensures better customer services and impactful marketing.

  • The customer owns the conversation while the company acts as a channel for them.
  • Effective pathway to potential customers.
  • Better customer services as they are quick and the customer has the authority to select a platform for interaction.
  • Customers can directly share their views and experience with the products and that can bring more and more customers to the business.

Does This Evolution Holds Any Significance?

People are living whole new digital life while less being focused on real-world social interactions.so, what can be a better option than social media to grab their attention towards your products and services. Also, that is a quick way to gain engagement with low cost and more reach.

Why You Need CRM Solutions?

CRM saves time. Time spent on administration of all the important data can be spent being focused on real tasks.

  • It can guide you about the scope of improvement as it collects lots of data from a variety of sources and tells you what your customers are up-to. Their views on your company and product that will help you to look after and fill the voids.
  • Gain new from referrals by existing customers and increase your reach.
  • CRM helps to identify leads quickly and can effectively manage them and turning them into quality leads by prioritizing the opportunities that will close deals and marketing.
  • Automation makes regular tasks like filing of forms, maintaining reports, etc. kind of chores done quickly and at ease. This gives the employee immense time to work on closing the deal and raising sales for the company.
  • Great customer support: It connects the customers to you throughout day and night that gives them a sense of assurance and helps to retain them from searching other options.

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