Realities of Block chain in Recruitment

In the world of business hiring plays a major role in the whole system. A number of companies are in search of skilled and experienced candidates whereas the candidates are crisscrossing their ways around the companies for employment. This has become a major part of an HR’s life and even a challenge for them to recruit the best candidate possible according to the skills, talents, experiences and also their management in the work area.

“You don’t build business- you build people - and then people build the business” - Zig Ziglar

As quoted by Zig Ziglar, building and running the business is not enough it’s about how a work force within the organization is formed and worked properly to build up the business. Therefore, with the creative ideas of business a good work force is also needed to reach the heights of success.

Blockchain and its Benefits

Blockchain technology has gained interest over time; many companies across the world have started developing industry specific solutions based on blockchain that cater to their business needs.

It can be used to send, receive and record information and also helps in securing the transactions and to keep the sensitive matter private. This is used to create digital records which is nearly impossible to be hacked, replicate or misuse. These records are completed in a cluster of computers forming a chain which claims the security of records. The benefits of block chain in business are:

  • The block chain plays a major role in business contracts. There are many organizations which work upon more than one contract therefore the information of particular contracts can be secured. It has a no. of advantages for multiple businesses in a chain. The use of block chain allows them to receive the information that is important for the contracts without seeing information that is sensitive.
  • The other benefit of using a block chain within a business is that it makes the internal audit easier and consuming less working time. In a block chain the information is unaltered so it makes the tracking easier and speed up the audit.
  • Block chain helps in risk management at every level. Starting from securing the data to making the tracking easier and less time consuming. Other than these benefits it helps in tracking the bacteria of the organization faster and curing it by preventing new illness from occurring.
  • Taxes in the field of business are something which gives pains to everyone. But with the help of block chain we can do taxes with lesser time taken, minimal human errors and also by receiving the refunds faster.

Realities in Recruitment

Recruitment is the term referred to the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing the candidates who are suitable for the job within an organization. In the process of recruitment, the recruiters under goes pains in reading, looking and analyzing through the long resumes which is one of most difficult procedure involved in the course.

So, with the help of the new technology called ‘block chain’ presented as a new tool in their recruiting arsenal helps in securing the information like education, certification, work experience and applicant’s skills etc. and thus this information has to be approved by the person linked to the chain.

Secondly, once a candidate updates his/her information in the block chain it cannot be altered further which helps the recruiter to check the credentials properly in a secured way. This eventually reduces the chance of altering or faking of the credentials. It allows recording of the real history of the candidate.

It also work as an opportunity for the organization to deal with the tantrums of the candidates like quitting jobs and stating jobs without prior notice and this informal behavior do not affect the candidates permanent record but with the help of block chain tool of recruiting arsenal it forces the candidates to rethink before doing such blunders.


It is the truth that block chain will not gain much exposure sometime soon like other technologies but they are definitely going to help the companies from securing money to records as well as in recruitment of candidates with lesser time possible.

As HR are the ones dealing heavily in personnel and financial and are at the risk of being hacked or tracked and therefore because of the block chain attributes it denies the cyber crimes to take place and secures the information and records.  

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