What is Node.js and Why You Should Use It For Enterprise Software

The rising popularity of JavaScript has brought a variety of changes and face web development today is dramatically different. The works we can perform on the web nowadays with the JavaScript running on the server, as well as on the browser, were unimaginable a few years back. As Wikipedia defines, “ Node.js is the packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the libuv platform, an abstraction layer and a core library which in itself is JavaScript.” Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js was aiming to create a real-time website with push capability, “inspired by application like Gmail”. In Node.js, he gave developers a tool for working in the non-blocking, event-driven IO paradigm. Node.js now plays a critical role in the technology stack of many of the high profile companies who depend on its unique benefits


Given below are some of the reasons that make Node.js the first choice of software architects:

  • Asynchronous and event-driven: Node.js based server doesn’t wait for APIs to return data. The server moves to the next API after calling it and a notification mechanism of Events of Node.js helps the server to get data from the previous API call.
  • Very Fast: Built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js library is very quick in code execution.
  • Single-Threaded but highly scalable: Node.js uses a single-thread model with an event looping. Every mechanism helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way and makes the server highly scalable as opposed to conventional servers which creates limited threads to handle requests.
  • No Buffering: Node.js applications never buffer any data. These applications simply output the data in chunks.
  • License: Node.js is launched under MIT license.


There are some blessings of Node.js that make it so popular and widely used language today. Node.js is very efficient when it comes to enterprise applications that have a lot of input-output operation that queries the database.

  • Increased performance productivity: Due to the asynchronous behavior of Node.js, it can handle volumes of requests simultaneously with minimal resources at hand. This has a considerable impact on the response time of your web applications. It saves the extra costs to be spent on expensive servers.
  • No learning curve: As Node.js is based on JavaScript it does not have much of a learning curve. The syntax is very similar and easy-to-grasp. It is accepted by java as well as .NET developers worldwide. It also allows beginner-level developers to learn and implement Node.js quickly.
  • Longterm Support: Node.js is only ten years old but provides Longterm Support. This provides developers and organizations reliability which is essential if you are planning to base your entire business on a particular technology.
  • Community: Node.js has a huge community built around it. The community consists of active developers, who are continually adding value to the existing resource that the Node has. The Node.js Foundation was formed in 2015 with the help of the Linux Foundation and major companies such as Fidelity, Microsoft, PayPal, and so on. The foundation encourages developers to showcase their works.
  • Scalability: Node.js allows your application to scale vertically as well as horizontally. This means one can add additional nodes to the existing system. Also, one can add additional resources to their existing single node to move up your app vertically.


Some of the world’s major companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon, Netflix, NASA, and Uber have relied on Node.js as their primary technology for building apps and services. The architecture for Node.js suits perfectly for many enterprise-level applications that require a high volume of IO operation with the Network, Disc, or memory. With faster Times-to-market, lesser lines of code, and higher performance Node.js serves many more benefits. Node.js serves more clients in less time with the same or lesser resources than a Java-based application.

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